We haven't updated our page for a while. Here's a recap.

We have sold the puppies from the David Bowie litter with the exception of beautiful Kensington Gate Rebel Rebel "Bradleigh" and Kensington Gate Starman "Skipper" - the latter is Tony's pet.

On Valentine's Day, Mackenzie gave birth to four puppies. Sadly, we lost three. The remaining blue girl, Kensington Gate Valentina "Audrey" has required a lot of special attention as we almost lost her, too. She is still underdeveloped, but has a great attitude. She has a poor eyesight and has colobomas on both eyes, but we shall keep her as she has special needs and will make a nice companion.

Kensington Gate One "Kayleigh" has spent the better time of a year at our friend Lill Ydse's kennel Perfect Image. She had her first litter there by Rollington Bob's Your Uncle and she was an excellent mother. We have now made plans for her next litter.

Along with Kayleigh, we took home Perfect Image Heart of Kensington "Millie", Kayleigh's sable daughter. We are thrilled with this lovely character and are looking forward to watching her grow. She is an excellent guide dog for Audrey and the two get along great.

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