Sollis Memories of the Heart


Born: 13.07.2012

CEA: Affected mild

HD: A AD: 0

MDR1: -/-

Kensington Gate Shanghaied


Born: 24.11.2014

CEA: Affected

HD: A  AD:0


Puppy Plans - Valpeplaner

For winter2016

Born on Halloween - 31.10.2016 - a healthy litter of 8 puppies - 7 males (4 blue merle, 3 tricolor) and 1 female (tricolor). We are thrilled and Saraya is a wonderful mother. No reservations accepted at this time.

Saraya (Kensington Gate Shanghaied) is our wonderful Mackenzie x Brody daughter and this will be her first litter. Saraya is super sweet, positive and playful. She is more affectionate than her mother and somewhat softer in temperament, but in other ways more intense. She has the most beautiful face and expression, but don't let it fool you - she's a rascal!


Jasper (Sollis Memories of the Heart) is our latest American import. His pedigree represents some of the finest specimens in the breed. We are breeding him to Mackenzie and Saraya and are hoping for slightly different - but very good outcomes. Jasper is a loving and enthusiastic individual and he should balance out Saraya well.

Any puppies that may become available will be advertised, but WE DO NOT TAKE RESERVATIONS for this litter.

Potensielle forverter kan ta kontakt. Vi hører gjerne fra deg som driver aktivt med hundesport.


Linda Mills

Tjøme - Norway
Strömstad - Sweden


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