Litter 4: Spinal Tap

Born May 9th 2016


Alannah gave birth to nine puppies on May 9th of which eight survived - 5 males and 3 females. All are spoken for at this time.


Alannah fødte ni valper den 9. mai hvorav 8 overlevde - 5 hanner og 3 tisper. Ingen er ledige på dette tidspunkt.

1 week

1 uke

Kensington Gate Hello Cleveland

Kensington Gate Bobbi Flekman

Kensington Gate None More Black

Kensington Gate Metal In Dubly

Kensington Gate One Louder

Kensington Gate Goes To Eleven

Kensington Gate Saucy Jack

Kensington Gate St Hubbins

Van-M Strike Up The Band


Sire: Van-M Maestro
Dam: Van-M Rhapsody
Owner: Laura Van Embden, USA

CEA: Normal non-carrier +/+
MDR1: +/-

Height: 61 cm

Wicani Kindred Spirit

Sire: Van-M Goodfellow at Wicani
Dam: Wicani Wears Red

Owned by Kensington Gate Collies

CEA: Go normal (-/-)
AD: 0

Height: 56 cm

Alannah had her first litter by Brody in the spring of 2015 - and it was unique - NINE girls. She was an excellent mother and the litter was strong and even.


We are now planning her second litter. This time, we ideally wanted a CEA non-carrier male with a laidback disposition, a good forechest and a good chin and underjaw. After having searched nationally and internationally, we concluded that the answer laid in our own kennel. Striker should be a good match to Alannah.


Alannah is a large and athletic bitch with a bouncy and outgoing personality. She sports an excellent fitted coat and healthy skin. Her appetite is excellent as is her digestive system. She has strong bones and a good tail as well as naturally tipped ears.


Striker is a large size male with an excellent body balance and superb bones. He is a laid back character and very easy going with people and other dogs, and daily instigates play time with the rest of the pack. He eats very well and is easy to keep in good condition. His coat is very healthy. He has not been shown due to having very heavy ears. Striker has had four litters. He is a CEA non-carrier and all his offspring are normal eyed. Of the 8 that have been hip x-rayed, none are dysplastic.


The puppies from this combination should make great companions. Sables and tricolors expected. The puppies should be of good size, with good bone and feet, well carried tail, naturally tipped to heavy ears, moderate coat. They should be athletic and fun-loving. All puppies will be CEA free. Alannah's previous litter struggled a bit with car sickness, but this is steadily improving.

Thanks to Laura Van Embden for allowing Striker to come to Norway.

Serious inquiries welcome.

Inbreeding coefficient: 0% (4 generations)
This litter will be 87,5% North American lines

Linda Mills

Tjøme - Norway
Strömstad - Sweden


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